Philanthropic Efforts
Bikes for Kids, P and J challange photo

Hotel Interactive Charities was developed to help support individuals and families in need in the many communities we visit. We are excited to support local charities through all BITAC events.

BITAC’s corporate charitable initiatives began with a bike building challenge in 2007. Since then, BITAC has conducted many other challenges, resulting in hundreds of bikes, thousands of meals, and tens of thousands of dollars donated to needy children and community food pantries across the U.S.

BITAC’s Opening Reception not only foster long-lasting relationships for participants, but allows them to earn charitable donations simply by meeting and mingling with other BITAC® attendees. The Great Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge provides a unique opportunity for BITAC attendees to roll up their sleeves and make peanut butter and jelly sandwich packs for individuals and families in need as a team. And that spirit of giving becomes infectious wherever BITAC® holds an event

Supported Organizations

A Special Thank You to Smuckers Foodservice