What Our Customers Are Saying
Alan Taranto

Our meetings went very well, we are finding the platform well run and easy to follow!

Alan Taranto , EzSpec
Tod Petty

Great interaction with a group of "likeable change agents" seeking to make a difference and bring value to others. Thanks for the synergy and collaboration.

Tod Petty , Lloyd Jones Senior Living
Matt Reiners

The event has been great! Everyone I've met with have been awesome and really enjoyed the panel this morning.

Matt Reiners , Eversound
Jeffrey Berkowitz

HEALTHTAC is where decision-makers network, enjoy, and do business - run so efficiently! No other match-making event has the professional staff that works so well together and vets every participant in the way you do enabling all stakeholders to achieve optimum results beyond expectation.

Jeffrey Berkowitz , Allcare Seating
Earl Madison

BITAC is truly about human interaction! They realize the importance of relationship building and that is the key to any businesses success! We will be attending other Bitac events as well.

Earl Madison , Jade Group, Inc
Shaylin Sommer

The last few days at BITAC were filled with meaningful conversations, connectivity and a great balance of business and real life. I walk away from the conference with 10 different NDA’s to issue that will result in quoting opportunities, a big smile on my face, a stack of business cards and lots of connections that will foster long term relationships.

Shaylin Sommer , stayAPT Suites
Hitesh (HP) Patel

I really value my partnership with BITAC, hands down, they host the best conferences, especially if you want to meet the key decision makers in the hotel industry.

Hitesh (HP) Patel , Curve Hospitality
James Denny

Well worth the time and effort. This is the second event we could attend in-person and it was even better than the first.

James Denny , Imagine Senior Living
Alex Kirkwood

This is the best virtual conference I've attended.

Alex Kirkwood , Kirkwood Collection
Ashleigh Caswell

HEALTHTAC is on my MUST ATTEND list now. I loved networking and truly connecting with professionals from my industry and from supporting industries. I walked away with so many ideas of how to improve what we are already doing.

Ashleigh Caswell , Senior Living Management

Fantastic! Everyone I met with provided high value for me to be able to deliver to my clients. I am so glad to be here.

Lisa Cini CHA, IIDA, ASID, PMP, Mosaic Design Studio
Rick Tomljenovic

I had the great pleasure of attending the BITAC Virtual Connect meeting. I was pleasantly surprised as to the quality, and the delivery of the event was amazing. I will gladly participate again. BITAC always does it right no matter what the circumstances.

Rick Tomljenovic , Tristar Hotel Group